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Leather jacket

It’s been a while with corduroy in fashion- great material (even if it loses its shape after some use). Anyway, it’s the leather jacket that was popular ages ago that I noticed is back again…a classic!


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Umbrella stand 

 This unbrella stand is certainly not needed in our Sydney weather – it’s 40 degrees right now – and summer is yet to arrive. 

But it looks great with unusual design solution – and why not use umbrellas anyway. To shield from stron sunlight. Check it out  the e-commerce site @ClippingsDesign.

Take care / Marie 

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Daily inspiration, Mango

Comfortable outfit with the right cool, effortless style. Short, round-neck sweater with a slightly longer t-shirt under, pants with short pant legs – all in brown & beige with white sneakers to.


Take care / Marie

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