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Umbrella stand 

 This unbrella stand is certainly not needed in our Sydney weather – it’s 40 degrees right now – and summer is yet to arrive. 

But it looks great with unusual design solution – and why not use umbrellas anyway. To shield from stron sunlight. Check it out  the e-commerce site @ClippingsDesign.

Take care / Marie 

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Summer isn’t just about sun, warmth & hot long nights, at least not lately. We have had a fair share of rain in Sydney. In other states, much more unfortunately. That which causes joy for some can cause problems for others. With joy in this case, I can readily admit that I like the kind of rain that we have in Sydney. It’s not cold in any way, but when the rain falls, it falls a lot. Much rain, you could say. Sometimes, it falls for a short while, so that the air feels refreshed. Other times, it seems to be going on for ever. Not that it bothers me. There is no bad weather if you know how to dress, it all depends on the clothing you wear.

I bought a neat umbrella the other day, in suit-plaid-patterns – in different shades of gray. It took a while to find a stylish model with wooden handles & hefty design that can withstand resistance. AND that does not fall apart as soon as it begins to blow a bit. We have a number of countless black umbrellas lying in a basket in the hall for all visiting friends & acquaintances – who often want to take a walk in the pouring rain … when it rains, that is. They are not of the best quality, so we have to replace them every season. The umbrella syndrome, is either that it’s forgotten somewhere or that it breaks somehow. It is what it is … an umbrella!

By the way, it’s beautiful weather today – perfect & around 28 degrees. No umbrellas here today!


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Take care / Marie

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