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Something different

I like bikes that have a sense of old-fashioned style about them – not too big, not too clumsy, not too loud etc. Neat, stylish, smooth, slender – simply beautiful.






Take care / Marie

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Bike ride

So, my darling suddenly decided to buy a bike. He never bikes but he’s now going to  participate in a ten miles bike ride with 10 thousand other cyclists where all the money goes to charity. He did a similar thing a few years ago. He then went & bought a bike plus all those things that comes with it – such as shoes, gloves, helmet &  those clothes that are padded & upholstered everywhere with lots of badges sewn here & there.

Anyway, he did not use any of the stuff after that bike tour. Just when we’ve finally driven away most of it to charity, he comes up with the idea to repeat the procedure. So my dear has been up early every morning the past weeks to kick start his fitness level. And finally, the big day is here. It was nice weather when he left early this morning but it got warmer during the day, around 37 degrees. That’s not so cozy!

(But the important thing was the earnings which are donated to charity, in this case, muscle disease).

offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.comWhat is a house without a bicycle outside /  offwhiteandburgundy.tumblr.com

renovartio.tumblr.comAn old saying / renovartio.tumblr.com

downthatlittlelaneStylish white / downthatlittlelane

northernlight Comfortable / northernlight

lylaandblu Slender beauty / lylaandblu

google imagesWell, why not / google images

forgottennobility Contemporary / forgottennobility

coolnordic Great poster / coolnordic via pinterest.com

thingsilkethingsilove Black beauty / thingsilkethingsilove

thegiftsoflife.tumblr.comCool style / thegiftsoflife.tumblr.com

prettystuff Details / prettystuff

maisonblanchesPersonalised / maisonblanches

tumblr.comSporty / tumblr.com

nordicleaves.tumblr.comSleek design / nordicleaves.tumblr.com

monopolist.tumblr.comSporty blue / monopolist.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Bike tour / 205

Sometimes, things exists in environments, to fill up the space or to create a sense. It’s clear that they are there for a reason or another. These are often common things that not really creates any particular reaction. They fit so well into the environment that they become easy to ignore…or maybe not. That is, if it’s not too excessively or seems too unnatural. I am thinking of bicycles, as an example. Such as when these are placed in a hall … or becomes an eye-catcher in a part of a room. Not that it’s really needed because there are some clever solutions for that. Someone, has designed a shelf / rack that supports the cycle, while the shelf is used for small items. But it seems likely as more cool to just lean the bike a bit loosely against the wall.

Bikes are used frequently in various interiors. Perhaps because they give life or realism to the environment. There’s of course a need to bring in the bike into the home, given the housing situation or the residential area. You want to know & ensure that you have your bike left there, the next morning. Well, anyway, if it works indoors & you have the space then why not… just take a look at the images below.

Plenty of space in this room / Allthingsstylish

And here we go again, plenty of space here too /  Tumblr.com

Or in the hallway / Apartmetntheraphy

Possible to match, too / Frenchbydesign

A hook from the roof serves well / Livethemma

Why not match it with the entire outfit / Sunlightinterior

A white bike that contrasts against all colourful rugs / Skonahem

Customise the effect when you lean your bike against the wall, temporarily / Ideastosteal

A bit squeezed in between shelf & table / Designedforlife

White styling / Skonahem

Space enough for two  / Desiretoinspire

 Two birds with one stone, bicycle rack & shelf / F-earies via Tumblr

 Fits well into the industrial style / Myscandinavianhome

Black beauty / Theblackworkshop

Trinket of recycled materials / Afroart

Take care / Marie

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