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I wouldn’t have a bed without a headboard, odd as it may sound. It doesn’t look complete in the room, as if it’s yet to be finished. I am not talking about big oversized headboards, the more discrete & almost invisible. It’s more about the feeling as well as comfort. To be able to lean back when reading, are online or talking on the phone.

There are lots of different models of course, but still it’s hard to find just the style that fits. It often happens when you’ve already decided what you want or are looking for, without really being able to put into words how it looks like. Patience, it shows up sooner or later.

tumblr.comUpholstered headboard with your own expression / vintagehome.tumblr.com

vintagehome.tumblr.comReuse & enjoy / vintagehome.tumblr.com

adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.comBuild your own bed with recycling / adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.com

husohem.seAn old iron bed always works – here in a bright colour / hus&hem.se

ikeafamily.comOr in metal grey with pastel / ikeafamily

google.comGreat design / google.com

justthedesign.comStylish in steel grey with elegant bed skirt / justthedesign.com

vtwonen.nlSuitable for romantic style / vtwonen.nl

laurejoliet.comSimple & uncomplicated / laurejoliet.com

philippestarck Cassina Volage bedOversized & elegant in white / google / philippestarck / Cassina

hogartotal.comNice combination / hogartotal.com

thestonecutter With integrated bedside tables / thestonecutter via Fancy

woodwoolstool.blogspotCharming homemade solution / woodwoolstool.blogspot

marzdesigns Very appealing / marzdesigns.com

molitli.nlPersonal style / molitli.nl

Take care / Marie

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Bed joy

Few things can make me as happy as a newly made ​​bed with clean & fine bedlinen. It’s certainly true height of luxury. I can’t get enough of stylish quilt covers, with a cabinet filled to the brim . Maybe it’s a small obsession. I have the same love for all kinds of textiles actually. I did give it a go a few times, when we moved, to get rid of some but I just couldn’t. I’m too soft-hearted in respect of those treasures. Well, there are worse things to worry about.
It’s a wonderful feeling to crawl into a freshly made bed. New clean sheets, puffed soft pillows, neat bedspread. Yes, it’s the height of happiness. It’s often the simple things in life that gives one, pure joy, right? So how about some inspiring images for the bedroom. Bed joy maybe 🙂


Coral blue & orange / 79 ideas


Beautiful blue tones / atelierrueverte


Simple & straightforward / BodieandFou


Burnt brown tones / Esprithome


Blue & white with plaid wallpaper / cush&nooks


Grey & blue / midsummerinterior via tumblr


White with green leaves / H&M


Appealing & unpretentious / mokkasin


Hotel feeling / 79ideas


Layer upon layer in floral pattern / homedesigning


Lovely quilt covers / sanna & sania

Graphic design in black & white / google.com


Cool colours for kids / H&M kids


A colourless & relaxing atmosphere / desiretoinspire


Two options in one bed / homedesigning

Take care / Marie

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Single / 180

Hej friends,

Single is not as in single – it’s about single beds. Both expressions are charming or less charming, depending on desired situation. I adore single beds, they make me think of childhood, relatives, anniversaries, celebrations, summer stays & holidays – all at once. We always had people staying over & once they left, next were on incoming. Not always a pleasure back then because you had to leave your beloved room to share a small narrow single bed with one of my siblings  – since it was expected. Not always easy to understand as a young kid. Had no the desire to do that either, as I remember it. But that’s history now, what remains is nice & funny memories from that time. That’s usually the case, you remember the good stuff & forgets the dull ones, right?

My growing up is a major reason why we are living a similar life today as then. With lots of beloved ones who’s visiting & remain a long time. My boys love it & life becomes a little more festive that way. However, they need not to experience the “single” situation. Well, that’s the kind of thoughts that went through my head when I searched for images. Images really influences the brain positively… a good reason to believe that beautiful & inspiring pictures makes us to better people.

Simple neatness in a charming way / Keltainen

Sunny feeling with yellow details / Skonahem

Creme coloured bedroom with cute single beds side by side / Alwynhuman via Pinterest

Like a fairy tale but with a bit more modern twist / PBteen

White bedroom with white ceiling & flooring as well as two white single beds / Lamaisond’annag

Summer feeling in blue & white / Linum

Country style & a nice feeling / Desiretoinspire

Purple, is for me, rather  unusual, to use in the bedroom / Inspiringinteriors

Looks great, wouldn’t need anything else really / Finelittleday

Adorable & fresh / Atelierueverte

A sense of summer- cottage – feeling / Brightbazaar

Great image in black & white, especially the black floor to white furniture / Lamaisond’annag

Dreamy vintage in white / Hviturlakkris

Absolutely beautiful combination & colours / Tantjohanna

Always nice with stripes, no matter where / Desiretoinspire

Take care / Marie

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