Something in red / 183

Hej there friends,

I’m going with something red today, just like that, with no specific reason. Not that I’m a bearer of red, but on the other hand, things can change. I went for a stroll during lunch & happened to fall in love in a red thin knitted sweater in soft material. Last time it happened was about a year ago & that love is somewhere in a drawer now. It will surely be different this time 🙂

Everything in moderation is a very common phrase in Sweden. I think this phrase fits into red, because it’s a strong & energizing color … which can dominate depending on where & how it’s used. The taste is of course different, but I for one, prefers red accents, whether it comes to fashion or interior design. It’s very much as shown below, actually. Moreover, I appreciate red with basic colours as white or black. I’m fully aware of how boring & predictable I am, but I’m an ordinary woman, you know! I leave with a warm hand, the extraordinary & exciting to someone else.

Red is a color that must have the correct red tone to appeal to me. Not too yellow so it slopes towards orange, not too blue either, so it becomes pink purple etc. It can look too watery in the expression together with white –  it’s nicer whit contrast. Fresher in some way – take a look, what do you think?

The icing on the cake, with the red wall mounted lamp in bright red / Annixen

Energising red fridge to brighten up the kitchen / Interiorphotos

Exciting red details that makes a difference to the whole expression in the room / Keltainen

Beautiful styling/ Annixen

Nice contrasts & a beautiful old sofa bed / Ustagiremez

 Classy accessory suitable to every outfit / Classycolours via Tumblr

Scandinavian style is fresh, bright & simple / Thefancy

Nice styling where the feature wall makes the impact / Keltainen

Sorbet, anyone? / Technicolourmyworld via Pinterest

Small work space with energising red accents / Dengodafen

Great combination with the stairs & the painting / Skonahem

Cute & certainly excellent mini pastries / Pinterest

Staircase painted in red in the middle with white on the sides /

A fun way to recycle /  Sanna&sania

A little red splash of colour / Lokal54

Take care / Marie

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