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Piece of work / 164

Hej friends,

I went back to work recently after a long break. It has been pure pleasure to have time for nothing & everything, to be in charge of my own time – no appointments, schedules or any musts. It’s a very inspiring & relaxing way of living. But nothing lasts for ever & reality catches up sooner or later. On the other hand, I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to take a long break. It’s unusual to be able to forget all demands & requirements which constantly exist in our everyday life…& do what I want to do. Well, I guess my darling have enjoyed it to the fullest too. A clean house to come home to, laundry taken care of…meals ready…to simply just sit down at the dinner table, with welcoming candlelights, without having to think about things that needs to be done. It’s been a blessing for the whole family.

I very much enjoyed my time at home. Something I wouldn’t have believed if someone had told me that some couple of years ago. I’ve learnt to value my time & each precious moment. I’d like to think that this break has helped me to fine tune certain things that was in need of development. I guess that time will tell.

So dear friends, to celebrate a new stage of life, I’ve done a post about work spaces. I’m afraid that some of you might think that these are out of time & out of place. Rightly perhaps, but I guess that this style is always going to be appealing to a number of people. I might need to follow up with a modern version for all fo you who don’t 🙂

Design icon together with rusty, scratched & woody material / Canvas

Nice small corner in the bedroom / Desiretoinspire

Soft industrial & vintage style / Firsthome

Lovely old wood furniture / Modernhepburn

Wonderful & appealing place to be / Frogsandcrowns

Yesterdays keyboard / Hearthomemag

Beautiful desk in black / Lylaandblu

Charmingly worn furniture / Niceroom

Efficient corner/ Remodelista

Absolutely wonderful / Whitallie

Modern version of the vintage style / Karlanderson

Steaming hot cup of coffee, an absolute necessity / cagestrphe via Tumblr

Industrial charm / Greige

Closed & open storage solution / Greige

Take care / Marie

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