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Breathtakingly beautiful – clean, white, fresh, bright & inspiring – incredibly timeless & can be changed endlessly, with simple means. If you would want to, that is!

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Take care / Marie

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This picture has circulated a lot on many blogs & is originally from a brokerage firm in Sweden, I believe. White, Brown & marble in a delightful combination. 

When you have some spare time, peek into on some of the Swedish brokerage firms nice websites with very inspiring styling & solutions.

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Take care / Marie

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Lovely kitchen

A lovely kitchen with natural light from roof windows, beamed ceilings, preserved unpainted, slanted roof & an interior that is mostly white. 

It is always a plus with a white tablecloth too.

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Take care / Marie

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White, white & white

WHITE is the colour of freshness such as newly fallen snowflakes, a glass of fresh milk – a colour produced by the combination of all the colours of the visible colour spectrum. And of course, white is the opposite of black which makes great contrast when represented light in contrast with darkness. White is the colour that often is associated with the good, honesty, innocence but also neutrality or a new beginning.

For me, its just a clean, nice, fresh & inspiring – extremely inviting as it is by itself or with light colours as an addition, but also interesting with the stark contrast between light & dark to get an impact. The purity & freshness provides a sense of luxury, regardless of the material or design.


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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, splash of colour

I guess that you might get tired of my many images that are similar. White rooms, a lot of Scandinavian style & the occasional splash of colour.  I try to vary but falls back to what feels natural & appealing, now & then. So here we go again.


Take care / Marie

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