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I really like this solution, which has such an impact on the room yet so incredibly simple & efficient. Both as a room divider, storage space & as a feature wall. Handy to store things from both sides of the room too.

turbulences-deco.fr/ turbulences-deco.fr

Take care / Marie

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Perfect organiser

We all need some sort of ladder to use at home, either to climb on & reach for things or, as per images below, to use for functional situations or simply to decorate with. Sometimes just to let the ladder just lean against the wall or big furniture. Now, I’m not referring to the traditional ladder only but more to the ones that are an extension of a ladder. To be used similar but with added value, so to speak. All kinds of designs works, of course. Short models, tall ones, the ones with a shelf or shelves, or with a back, so that you can lean things against or with a bag, for whatever you might need to use it for etc.

I have to admit that I actually like the ladder as it is. Just lean it against something & use it for temporary stuff to hang, lay books on or…with a bit of colour that is tailored to style & taste,  you get your little (or big) ladder to fit in anywhere you please.

bellacell.tumblr.comAdjusted after style / bellacell.tumblr.com

concreteanddust.tumblrCoordinated to fit with accessories / concreteanddust.tumblr.com

heartwarmings.tumblr.comAs bed night stand / heartwarmings.tumblr.com

thedesignchaser Perfect storage space / thedesignchaser

livethemma.seStyling in the bathroom / livethemma.se

planetdecoTraditional use / planetdeco

fantasticfrank.seOn each side / fantasticfrank.se

handmadecharlotte.comCreativity in kids rooms / handmadecharlotte.com

westelm.comStylish model with shelf & bag / westelm.com

livingETCFor bath rooms needs / livingETC

industrealized.tumblr.comFor the office / industrealized.tumblr.com

stadshem.seAgainst the wall with pretty things  / stadshem.se

universal-blueprintFor office use / universal-blueprint.tumblr.com

universal-blueprint.tumblr.comSimple & functional / universal-blueprint.tumblr.com

tomtoplulu via fancy.comPerfect organiser / tomtoplulu via fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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