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A beautiful summer house on Gotland’s east coast (Sweden).
On the roof, the sedum (fleshy-leaved plant with small star-shaped yellow, pink, or white flowers), which makes the house merge with the surrounding nature. The materials used in the house is stone, wood, glass and steel, which ages beautifully & lasts over time. Simplicity at its best. 


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Stone / glass

Hard & brittle, stone & glass – nice combination – especially the colours of the vases that complement each other.

kk_living / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Can not get much better – a patio, paved with grey stone, with grass & green around, small rattan armchairs, sheepskin & tree stumps as tables. Close to nature & with authentic furnishings.

local_milk via Instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cobblestone

You might wonder about today’s inspirational contribution. It’s just a cobblestone street, right? Oh no! It is pure handicrafts with long history. Something I respect after having had craftsmen who recently finished a huge job, with lime stones around the pool. I look at pavements slightly different now.


Take care / Marie

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