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It’s one of those days – just want to stay home, in bed, in my pyjamas.

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Comfortable beds

Sometimes I have a strong desire to just sleep until I can’t sleep longer. You know, to get to sleep until you wake up – without any alarm clock or noise. I feel at times steered by what I need to do instead of what I would like to do. Then, the bedroom is a dream, with large comfortable bed, wonderful linens & big fluffy pillows.









Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pure luxury

There’s nothing special with this bedroom, nothing that stands out. It’s simply decorated with natural base colours, no contrast or anything that interferes – calm & unadorned. Organised in different functions, such sleep, read, work, dress. I like the casual solution with stacked books on each side of the bed that’s used as surface for small items. A room fully enough to thrive & feel good in, when you want to take it easy & relax. Something tha is pure luxury today.

bloodandchampagne/ bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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