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A lot

A lot of patterns & materials – and yet they work well together. It’s nice with personally chosen precious possessions sharing a common area with respect for each other.

Credit: Natalie Gisborne | Pinterest
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Purgi | Greece 🇬🇷

Purgi, the island of Chios in Greece, is known for the painted village. Because of the colourful geometric patterns on the facades of the houses & buildings.

Credit: culturetrip
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It’s always nice with sweet patterned mugs for the morning coffee or the evening tea. A simple thing that pleases & beautifies.

Credit: Inredningshjalpen

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Folk tradition

The decorated highly colourful furniture of Central / east Europe’s folk tradition – has an entirely different aesthetic than the north – entirely recognisable due to the intricate & elaborately patterns & symbols.

Credit: house&garden magazine uk
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Textile designer

A large exhibition, “Wanja Djanaieff and her twenty-two favorite colors” is now shown at Marabouparken art gallery, displaying her work through the ages & confirms her as one of Sweden’s most influential textile designers.

Wanja was born February 1941 & almost completely unknown to most people, but not her patterns. During the 1960s & 70s, she drew hundreds of textile patterns for clothes, furniture & fabrics, which were used & spread all over Sweden.

Her work became known to a wide audience when she designed clothes for the Swedish Olympic team in Munich in 1972. The pattern with yellow crowns on a blue background becomes Djanaieff’s perhaps most famous work.

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