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Lunch / dinner

Food that’s cooked with genuine care & love is not always easy to find. Especially with quality products – it’s either the one or the other, mostly.




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Lots of food

I admit that I’m posting lots of food lately.

At least compared to previously – it’s been a lot of interior design mostly.

Family visiting, long evenings, early long breakfast’s, lunch / finger food around the pool, coffees…


Take care / Marie

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Lunch Deli

A beautifully designed lunch restaurant / deli in Washington with classic  features such as the floor & bar set up. Would certainly be on of my favourite haunts if I lived around or nearby.


Take care / Marie

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Healthy lunch

Healthy is not always tasty, on the contrary, it’s quiet often rather boring, I find. There’s not always lots of options no matter what great restaurant or lunch place you visit.

Vegetarian food requires someone who loves to cook & to invest time in exciting recipes, as with everything else in life. I’m not talking about anything complicated – just some passion.



Take care / Marie

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Lunch time

I eat healthy by nature, however, it has become much salad lately, mostly because of too few options and little time. But a simple salad, with eggs, asparagus, tomatoes, olive oil and some spices, who am I to complain.

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Take care / Marie

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