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Heavenly – mezze plate, a dream for a vegetarian. 



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Daily inspiration, finger food

Our lunches are usually finger food – sliced meat for one person in the family, cheese, good healthy bread, veggies in vinaigrette, fruit, etc. Especially hummus, at least currently one of our favourite dish that’s easy to prepare.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, hummus

I recently found a vegetarian restaurant just around the corner where i work. I’ve been looking for a nice place for lunch just to avoid the food court with all rather fat fast food alternatives, despite the wide range of exotic dishes from all corners of the world. And there it was, all the time, but I had no idea. I guess it was because it looked like an old English pub. A very nice & cosy place with just vegetarian dishes on the menu. Hurray!



Take care / Marie

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