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Bleak images, maybe

Bleak images does not sound particularly inspiring, do they? I guess some might find these a bit depressing. Is it a suitable description? I just felt that I wanted something less colourful & more dramatic. The lighting, colour selection & props, enhances the atmosphere in each image. I’m aware of ¬†that everything doesn’t have to be bright & colourful to be¬†perceived as¬†interesting or exciting.

It feels liberating, for my part, to ignore the otherwise ordinary images that I usually choose. You know, you have your style & your preferences which you sometimes unconsiously bases your choices on. A style whom you have a weak heart for.¬†Well, since some friends said I’m very Scandinavian in my taste, I thought I might try to challenge my self.¬†But just so you know, this type of images are not my cup of tea ūüôā

sextosenso1. Classic chesterfield with details for the right experience & look / sextosenso via Fancy

tumblr.comMagnificent buildings in a thrilling angle / tumblr.com

daniellawitte Staging with character  /daniellawitte

helenaaroStorytelling image /helenaaro

now&thenA workshop that then, maybe not felt so exciting but looks incredible today / now&then

goetia.tumblr.comOriental, rustic & mysteries / goetia.tumblr.com

interioralchemy.tumblrFrom a bygone era or prepared movie scene / interioralchemy.tumblr

sedefisim rokDramatic fashion industry /sedefisim rok

bloodandchampagne.comDimmed styling / bloodandchampagne.com

ohlesjolieschoses.tumblr.comBlack on black / ohlesjolieschoses.tumblr.com

remainsimple.tumblrBack in time / remainsimple.tumblr

remodelistaBlack accessories in a black storage piece / remodelista

poulkjaerholm : fritzhansen PK31 lounge chairPoul kjaerholm, Fritz Hansen PK31 longe chair / googleimages

pinterest.comColourless bed linen / pinterest.com

fancy.com abandonedThere is something about abandoned places that makes you a bit sad, despite the beauty / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Timeless heroes

I cannot claim that I am a collector of classical design icons.¬†I’m not a collector of anything more than the things who has been with us throughout the years & which, by usage, have gained significant personal value over time.¬†These, including memories & occurrences that are connected with the items, that I cherish.¬†I am trying to reduce on possessions, actually, no matter what they might be worth. You can only own so much or use so much, really.¬†All the moves that we have gone through, has helped to reduce the number of things in the household, thanks & praise.¬†In time, it becomes easier to realize what’s really needed & what’s important. Experiences as well as small moments of happiness – that’s what I collect nowadays.¬†One of those experiences as well as moments of happiness, is the beauty of design classics – our timeless heroes.

arnejacobsen AJ table lamp

Arne Jacobsen AJ table lamp / fancy.com

arnejacobsen Egg chair

Arne Jacobsen Egg chair / google

borgemogensen Spanish chair

Borge Mogensen Spanish chair / Pinterest.com

Charles / Ray Eames army green molded plastic chairs

Charles / Ray Eames, army green molded plastic chairs / tumblr.com

eames hang-it-all hatrack

Eames, hang-it-all hatrack / pinterest.com

fritzhansen swan sofa

Fritz Hansen swan sofa / fancy.com

georgenelson sunburst clock

George Nelson sunburst clock / designclassics.com

hanswegner black wishbone chair

Hans Wegner black wishbone chair / google.com

Louis ghost chairs

Louis ghost chairs / tumblr.com

vernerpanton flowerpot VP4 table lamp

Verner Panton VP4 table lamp / weheartit.com


Coordinated classics / designcollectors

knoll hardou butterfly chair

Knoll butterfly chair / pinterest.com

werner panton UFO lamp

Werner panton UFO lamp / designandfashion.com


Timeless style / theyallhateus.com

thomaspedersen Stingray rocker

Thomas Pedersen stingray rocker / designcollectors

Take care / Marie

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