Timeless heroes

I cannot claim that I am a collector of classical design icons. I’m not a collector of anything more than the things who has been with us throughout the years & which, by usage, have gained significant personal value over time. These, including memories & occurrences that are connected with the items, that I cherish. I am trying to reduce on possessions, actually, no matter what they might be worth. You can only own so much or use so much, really. All the moves that we have gone through, has helped to reduce the number of things in the household, thanks & praise. In time, it becomes easier to realize what’s really needed & what’s important. Experiences as well as small moments of happiness – that’s what I collect nowadays. One of those experiences as well as moments of happiness, is the beauty of design classics – our timeless heroes.

arnejacobsen AJ table lamp

Arne Jacobsen AJ table lamp / fancy.com

arnejacobsen Egg chair

Arne Jacobsen Egg chair / google

borgemogensen Spanish chair

Borge Mogensen Spanish chair / Pinterest.com

Charles / Ray Eames army green molded plastic chairs

Charles / Ray Eames, army green molded plastic chairs / tumblr.com

eames hang-it-all hatrack

Eames, hang-it-all hatrack / pinterest.com

fritzhansen swan sofa

Fritz Hansen swan sofa / fancy.com

georgenelson sunburst clock

George Nelson sunburst clock / designclassics.com

hanswegner black wishbone chair

Hans Wegner black wishbone chair / google.com

Louis ghost chairs

Louis ghost chairs / tumblr.com

vernerpanton flowerpot VP4 table lamp

Verner Panton VP4 table lamp / weheartit.com


Coordinated classics / designcollectors

knoll hardou butterfly chair

Knoll butterfly chair / pinterest.com

werner panton UFO lamp

Werner panton UFO lamp / designandfashion.com


Timeless style / theyallhateus.com

thomaspedersen Stingray rocker

Thomas Pedersen stingray rocker / designcollectors

Take care / Marie

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