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Greek yogurt pancakes with whole wheat pastry flour and coconut ūüĆī ūü•• milk. Looks delicious indeed. Check out the recipe on @howsweeteats under breakfast.


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Vegetarian option

Another post with a vegetarian option Рgreek roasted cauliflower burgers with pan fried feta and tomato olive salsa. 


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Baked mushrooms

Baked mushrooms loaded with exciting filling AND potato skins. Food for heart & mind.


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These potato fritters are a classic Danish recipe and a lovely starter or side for a summer dinner party. Check out the recipe on house and garden.


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Kitchen prep

A nice image of a kitchen, prepped for cooking. I like the white counter top and the levelled window sill – and with white bowls, glass jars etc, well, it’s inspiring enough to get you started.


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