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Daily inspiration, jeans jacket

A simple outfit yet nice & appealing. It’s clever to invest in a jeans jacket because it’s so easy to combine with all types of styles.¬†If you then want to change in a fast & easy way, just add a scarf or shawl & presto, you feel like new again.

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful.tumblr.com/ all-things-bright-and-beyootiful.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, gold chains

Tight top with golden details such as chain links¬†& loose pants¬†– all in blue jeans – feel, makes the world go around, at least my little world ūüôā

style.com/ style.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, jeans pockets

A goof idea to take on. That is, if you have some old jeans to spare so that you can reuse the back pockets, to do this clever & simple wall storage. Perfect in the hall if you but equally good in the kitchen, bath & laundry room etc.

handmadecharlotte.com/ handmadecharlotte.com

Take care / Marie

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Casual clothing

The few occasions I attempt to blog about fashion, it’s rarely about the latest within that field.¬†No, others can do it much better than me.¬†I just can’t keep up – neither trends nor interest. Materials, colours, details – that’s rather exciting & fun. Checking out people is really inspiring.¬†The Street is the best place to keep track of what’s in vogue (it’s the more exciting too). I like the ¬†mixture of designs, colours AND above all, the diversity of personalities.¬†Clothes make us interesting, at least to begin with. It is¬†not about how trendy you are, or the price range you chose to dress in. Not for¬†my part, anyway.

It’s about how to put together garment, how to combine things, how to dress in colours or patterns, etc. so that it enhances individual’s character. You could dress fairly bland but still bring¬†attention … if you would like to, of course. It’s a talent to be able to dress up without going too far, or vice versa.¬†Anyway, we need all the variations of flavours & styles to become motivated, inspired, curious or challenged. Or maybe just amused, if nothing else.¬†I will not do either of it, with this post. I walk the broad way¬†with that which seems a bit obvious, nothing unexpected nor surprising. What¬†else can you expect from an ordinary woman ūüôā


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