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Children’s room

Space, surface & coziness – an excellent starting point for a children’s room. Intrigued by the beds along the wall – which provide more floor space. And a soft pleasant color scale …




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, books

Bookcases filled with books is a lovely sight. They tell a lot about the person who lives there, but is a factor that contributes to a coziness that otherwise would feel as if something was missing.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fresh

It’s nice with fresh flowers. They bring colour to the environment, impacts on the mood, creates cosiness, elegance or other of importance in the moment. It’s great when you can use the mantelpiece to display temporary things. This is a nice look with the big decorated brass mirror & vase to the magnificent colour on those flowers – simple but yet so attractive.

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Take care / Marie

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