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Daily inspiration, brick house

Again, a charming house with lots of character. Ivy that winds along the facade and down the stairs, blue shutters, brick, a big tree & lots of  greenery Рvery appealing, of course.


Take care / Marie

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Another brick in the wall

To live in a brick house in an old area with other similar houses,¬†gets you thinking of the material that’s been used.¬†Strangely enough, I’m of course aware of these houses that you can find all over the town. And a lot on my street, it’s a typical construction materials. Yet it’s not obvious with things until you get close.¬†We went to visit a brick factory which is located not far from here, where¬†you get to walk around on a sky-bridge that runs around the entire brickyard,¬†press the buttons to hear the stories from the past, look at the production & see how buildings emerged and so on. Doesn’t sound so exciting maybe but it was actually interesting. It made me look at things differently & definitely appreciate these buildings around me in a more valuable way.¬†Wood has otherwise always been the building material that I’m used to.

Well, let’s take a look at bricks of various kinds – mostly from the inside.


Rustic with an interesting mix / cdn3.welke.nl


Nice impact with a black wall / osbakkandchu.blogspot


Worn factory feeling / flickr.com


Dark & interesting / justthedesign


White & wood / lonnymag.com


Nice with black to a lighter wall / mstetson.com


Warm diverse colours / pinterest.com


Coordinated into a whole / 25.media.tumblr

satchi viaf

Striking & inviting / satchi via fancy


Rough kitchen feel / stylizimo


Modern feel / planet-deco.fr


With white & wood / letmebeinspired


/ helenaaro

Vanguard - Residential

Contemporary / Vanguard – Residential


Neat with rounded wall & matching kitchen cabinets / ethereal-gold via tumblr

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