Street art

We are hired as private drivers, part-time, usually involuntarily & unprepared – I may not have told you that! It’s various activities, dinners, gigs & other we are asked to drive our boys to, and it’s unpredictable. To put it nicely – we get to see places we otherwise wouldn’t. Different suburbs, neighbourhoods & areas where they usually meet with friends.

So in other words, inspiration from the streets today – it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about peoples creativity. The way people can change the street scene, not through architecture but by being ingenious in a simple, down to earth-way. What’s exciting is that it can turn up anywhere & unexpected. It makes me think about the person behind & the reasoning. I call it street art, where others might look at it as clutter or graffiti…perhaps.

streetartutopiaLove you too / streetartutopia

tumblr.comA crack becomes a spider web / Bicycle parking with joy /

tumblr.comThe Leaning Tower of Pisa /

pinterest.comNice stair decoration with a homey feeling /

memolition.comA tiny speck that keeps the streets clean /

memolition.comColourful characters with twinkle in the eye /

photobucket.comLook up! /

imcallingshots.tumblr.comWhat was once was meant, means something else now /

google imagesSomeone is a passionate knitter / google images

fancy.comDices among cobbles /

evysinspirations.tumblr.comThere’s a view,  with or without windows / watering /

fancy.comCurly hair /

Take care / Marie

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