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Hej dear friends,

Time for a new post & today it’s about mattresses…what?
Yep, I think I’m longing for a rest or more correct, a looooong holiday. This, even though the sun is shining & the weather is nice. But since I began a new job quite recently, the highly anticipated leave will have to wait. I’ll have to content myself with a little rest once in a while instead & what could fit better than thick, comfortable mattresses, right?

Mattresses, you might be thinking, what now? Yes, you are right perhaps. But I’d like to add that mattresses, which in itself are thin & flat, actually can look infinitely different. I might even claim that they can be exciting … that is, in purely expressive terms & material selection. And just think, where & how they can be used, practically everywhere, really. Childrens room are given, guest room, on the porch or balcony, in the living room … well, just simply choose what suits your need, indeed.

While traditional colours & checkered, yet so nice, right? / Frenchbydesign

A modern vintage version of the princess & the Pea with infinitely beautiful mattresses / Home&garden

And here’s a very modern design with appealing colours & patterns /

As beautiful as a jewel with the sleek design of both bed base & mattresses /

White mattresses, beautiful & pleasant to the eyes, without the need to be enhanced with accessories or colours / Interiordesign

Grey-blue walls to striped blue & loads of cushions, that’s always very nice / Homelife

Great patterned fabrics in a little more colorful style / Schonerwohnen

Wedding tips, as comfortable sleep is an important part of life / Home&garden

Different pattern in different colours to a white base / Mokkasin

Nice feeling with the mattress, quilt that is folded & a pile of magazines /Skonahem

Don’t worry, the famous pea is there too / Pinterest

Styling, works indeed even with thick mattresses on the floor / Susannavento

How easy can it be, everything within reach / HKlivinginteriors

White, white, white – simply beautiful / Carlamickelbeg

Tips for those with a preference for simplicity / Lamaisond’annag

Take care / Marie

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