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Hej dear friends,

My youngest left us yesterday to spend three weeks in Sweden. That’s the first time ever that he is away for that long. It feels strange & a bit empty inside. Something essential is missing. I want my baby back but I’m sure that he is enjoying his journey to the fullest. It’s a big thing to travel to the other side of the world, when you’re 17 years. At the same time as it’s a very useful & beneficial experience. So I felt that I had to connect this post to my son & his first step, into the adult world. His first big trip & first time alone from home.

It’s a masculine theme today. At least the way I see it. Not everyone would agree with me, which is fine of course. We are all individuals with different liking & taste. It’s rarely about male or female, rather, more about personality. Still, dear friends, I believe that these images are more attractive to men. However, it’s not either or. Just a gentle opinion.

Why don’t you take a look & make up your mind. Masculine or not, I hope you will enjoy the moment.

Brick wall, concrete floor, dark wood & dark colours / Gbumr via Tumbler

Dark brown wood, black leather bed & grey rug / Laurabond via Pinterest

Checkered & drab patterns on one another / Interiorsdecline

Nice coordination of accessories / Re-flex via Fancy

A bit dark & drab atmosphere with leather furniture, thick floorboards & recessed light / bp.blogspot

Striped chocolate brown wall paper sets the tone for the whole look / Letmebeinspired

Dark brown furniture, leather sofa & oriental rug / Keltainen

Brown & blue in a nice combination / Lambert

Traditional & rather common / MarissaWadell interiors

 A nice room with a lighter mood & a lot more accessories to personalize / Keltainen

Common & safe / Re-flex via Fancy

White base with a colour accent / Countryliving

Dark brown with organised storage / Thearchivist

A great timeless look / Pergunnarsson

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Masculine / 168

  1. I like this post, have never had boys, my house is girly


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