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Daily inspiration, stairs

It’s an unusual detail with stairs that are painted (in yellow) on the front – it immediately becomes exciting & feels refreshingly different. The yellow colour are acidulous & fresh to white. I probably would have stayed there & or maybe just continued with only the black on the side but it’s more a personal taste & opinion.


/ easyliving.co.uk

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, textiles

Some fresh textiles with slightly different patterns & colours, makes a big difference to a room. This has a simple base in white which allows to make changes, by simple means. It’s styled but still, it’s appealing, neat & cozy. The yellow color heats up the surface & energises the room, small as it is.

interiorguiden/ interiorguiden

Take care / Marie

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Sunny side

Today I’m going to bid on a yellow theme. I am possibly inspired by the bright sun & pleasant warmth. Or, I may have noticed yellow somewhere unconsciously. Anyway, here below, are a variety of images with a bit of yellow here & there, as a common denominator.

Yellow is ugly, an expression that often was used when we were little. This sentence rhymes in swedish, which made it all the more fun, of course. I don’t know where it came from or how it started but it was a common thing to say, for some reason. I remember I got a bright yellow t-shirt with print in black, a horse head actually, which I was fond of. Same colour on the clogs too. I think I had these things, as in, using them, a whole summer. Otherwise, it has probably not been very much of that color in my life. Admittedly a period in my teens, in my own room, that was furnished in that yellow colour, together with wood & white.

Today I don’t think I own anything in that particular colour . Although I believe it’s a nice color that makes you happy plus that it’s energising. But that’s how it is sometimes, that some things fits well to love from a distance…


Neat tiles & striking with the same yellow color at the bottom / lote93 via Pinterest


Match accessories with a yellow dress / classygirlswearpearls


Paint yellow & catch the eye / olympusdigitalcamera


Nice place with a nice view / seventeendoors


Neat on the shelf / cushandnook


Simple thing to do & yet so stylish / pynter.tumblr.com


Common everyday things / larimule


Paint something yellow / riazolli


From  head to toe / akris


Favourites in a pile / livethemma


Occasional objects / todayyouinspiredme


Playful & bright / cushandnook


Beautiful pattern / butiksofie


White & yellow / expensivelife


Cool styling / vtwonen

Take care / Marie

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