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Casual style

Casual style – blazer & trousers combined with t-shirt. Folded pants make the style less formal, especially with this type of shoes. 


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Take care / Marie

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Suit up

So have I bought a suit, or rather, blazers for different occasions. Olive green, black & grey – that looks just as good with jeans & sneakers, or a little more dressed style when the need arises.

I think I would need to add a grey one also to complement the colour scheme in my closet.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, shoes

Shoes can never be underestimated – they are important to the overall impression, but also as an important detail to spice up their outfit. And it’s true that you can’t have too many of them!

twitter.com twitter.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, liberating

I like styles that do not restrict individuals. Especially when they are young & have not yet found their way or style to express themselves. That’s why I like this image, where this girl is not dressed in pink, tulle & ruffles. It is a quite liberating experience even if it’s a styled image..


Take care / Marie

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Black & white

Inspiration can be found everywhere & there are always details that catches the eye, even if only a colour or a tiny item that attracts. Some sees the whole solution where others might not see anything special at all. It’s hard to tell what makes some things immensely popular, where many suddenly seem to like or fall for the same things. While similar solutions are completely without charm & arouses no-must-have- feeling at all.

There’s not much to say really – black & white always works, although I’m aware of & respect those who want more colour in their everyday lives. I just think that it’s nice to have a base that always works & which is also easy to change, when you feel like it. With simple means.


A pleasurable environment / dusty.com


Classic piece / breitling.com


Frames with black white photos – so simple / vineetkaur


Posing / fabforgottennonility


 Black & white base / lovelylife.com


Amazing tiles / newravenna.photoshelter.com


Beautiful image / solidfrog.com


Great storage / trendland.com


Stylish style / tumblr.com


Useful / suitupordie


Love(ly) design / momadesignstore


Suitable quote / hgreytale via tumblr


Neat candy / etsy.com


Dramatic architecture / fancy.com


Styling / livethemma

Take care / Marie

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