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Daily inspiration, sandwiches

I am a sandwich person. Gladly sandwich for breakfast, not for lunch or dinner but to a cup of tea in the evening. I prefer small sandwiches with wholemeal or rye bread. How about this simple version – it is perfect with eggs, ham & tomatoes as well as a little green to. It is nice, right 🙂

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sandwich

I had a day off today & met with an old friend for breakfast.

It was nice & relaxing, with a short walk after the breakfast where we shopped a few girlie things, to her adorable daughter. It’s sunny & warm in the sun so we spent a couple of hours on my porch & talked about everything under the sun. I thought this lovely image would suit to “today’s findings”.

The dark surface of the table, the plate of green design & the arrangement of the sandwiches with a wooden stick to hold everything in place.  Love it!

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Take care / Marie

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