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Daily inspiration, contrasts

Contrasts – is a state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in close association. I think this image would fit well into this description. Something old & rusty together with a burgeoning plant filled with life. An inspiring contrast.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, green plant

Newspaper, cotton string & a nice green plant – and there you go – a great gift that lasts for a long time. Position it in the right place & you will get a nice eye-catcher.

sannaochsania.blogspot.com/ sannaochsania.blogspot.com

Take care / Marie

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I admire those who have green thumbs. Above all, I’m inspired by their passion for plants & the empathy they radiate. It’s amazing what a difference fresh flowers do for the soul & ones mood. It immediately becomes something of a festive feeling. It’s probably just as much scent & colours that influence. Fresh cut flowers and green plants makes a difference for a homely feeling.

Put together several vases \ Automatism

One big plant can make a change / pinterest.com

Simple wrapping / Tumblr.com

Colourful addition to the white kitchen / Skonahem

Mirrors increases the effect / Myscandinavianhome

Still life composition / Fredericia-Furniture Yellows dk

Dramatic in-front of the black wall / Lamaisond’annag

Green details / Hannasroom

Nice style & inviting with the addition of plants / Alltihemmet.se

Stylish / Livethemma

Take care / Marie

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