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Green barn

A green barn at first glance – but as an architectural piece, something else totally. Certainly a beautiful colour, suited well with its surroundings.


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Simply beautiful

A beautiful house with simple architecture, in black, in a wonderful setting with a wooden deck that invites you to a peaceful and restful activity. Simply beautiful. 


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Modern architecture

A great example of modern architecture that’s appealing & aesthetic, beautifully designed in multi-storey, with panel walls & lots of greenery repeated throughout.  Very nice!

ateamlogistics via instagram


Take care / Marie

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White house

I have a tendency to fall for houses that are different from the houses that I’ve chosen to live in.

It’s exciting, this thing with architecture, lots of fun projects & lots of innovation in the profession.

To accessible prices too.


Take care / Marie


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Townhouse on three floors in a modern style, in a green area – with the city as the background (nice with a castle).

An open plan solution. Great with green surroundings, terrace & balcony, everything at will.


Take care / Marie

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