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Festive dress

Be your own Christmas tree in a dark blue velvet dress in a

simple cut & style with decorative gold and tassel details.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black belt

There is something going on in terms of belts. People wear them whether it is needed or not. And in all shapes too. Maybe it’s in my neighborhood or possibly a temporary illusion. But it has made me begin to look around and observe … just in case!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, hair cut

I’m not so much for posting pictures with much makeup or models. I like the free taste, in terms of people, which is based on how someone is rather than how someone looks. A little oldfashioned I know. In this case, it’s the hairstyle that’s important. I cut my hair somewhat similar but my hair was too curly for it to work.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, simple

A pleasant form of simplicity. No special features, the garment simple cut, soft colour & beautiful material. Sometimes there’s no need for more.

wolfcubchronicles.blogspot/ wolfcubchronicles.blogspot

Take care / Marie

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What is there to say about people, about individuals, of humanity? Are we that interesting really? I sometimes wonder if we do not simply repeat ourselves. We are, however, many who tries to imitate each other – in our attempts to not be the unique individuals we are. In what we actually would & could be the best at! We are not always aware of their individuality or charisma. All those who have persuaded themselves that they are not good enough. Not beautiful enough, not slim enough, not popular or whatever it might be. Isn’t it sad! To not allow yourself to see what others sees, when you’re looking in the mirror. It’s often those who actually have something to be proud of, that are hard on themselves. Sadly, we do not allow ourselves to look beyond self-criticism & realise thus not how tough demands we place on ourselves.

If life & experience has taught me anything, again & again, then it’s precisely this – to have faith in my self & to have faith in people. It certainly has changed others but mostly myself. So, be kind to yourself 🙂

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