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Cookie box

A perfect gift to give away for New Year – cookies of all kinds in a nice little box.

Credit: @piesandtacos
Credit: foody365_
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Need inspiration for the New Years dessert – how about this ice cream cone in chocolate shell? The cone is made of milk chocolate ice cream with a shell of chocolate. Drip liquorice syrup to give it an edge to the mild ice cream – it provides a tasty, adventurous& beautiful ice cream dessert fit for a festive evening.

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Pancakes 🥞

When there’s time, a pile of pancakes is the best start to a long breakfast.

Credit: angelicashem
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Chocolate cake

Delicious looking Chocolate Cake with Espresso Buttercream. It would sit well right now, with a cup of coffee.

Credit: mybakingaddiction
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Cupcakes 🧁 on a tray that looks like a feast with its colours & decorations.

credit: @lapechefraiche

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