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Thatched roof

A beautiful house with thatched roof, with a beautifully decorated interior, and specially designed furniture, such as a built-in bench in the hall & wood-lined wall in the bedroom. Functional & appealing.


platsbyggd bänk i hallen

trakladd vagg och mobler som ar special designade

close up


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Daily inspiration, have a seat

Just sharing a nice set of furniture in a bright room with few decorations so that the furniture gets the space they deserve. Comes into their own, so to speak.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, wheel bench

Design is fun when it makes you think, makes you react. Also when it is functional while it may be an example of a combination of different things – that work together. I would not mind this bench in my place, to sit on & to move around whenever it’s needed.

rogiermartennlsprojectenrogiermarten.nl via fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, baby cradle

This beautiful piece of furniture would be a safe buy – if we would have been in this wonderful situation. We have that period behind us, but it’s a beautiful piece of furniture – a baby cradle in light wood.


Take care / Marie

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Rocking chairs

We use to have a rocking chairs at home, at least one in the living room. I am not sure how common they are nowadays but they have their place in the home. It is like saying WELCOME, be who you are. It sounds inviting with the sound of swinging & maybe also a bit safe. Yes, I definitely think it sounds safe & secure, mainly because of childhood memories.

homepagebyvanillacrash.tumblrhomepagebyvanillacrash.tumblr / nice statement in the room


style-files.comstyle-files.com / perfect addition to the room

notmybeautifulhome.tumblr.comnotmybeautifulhome.tumblr.com / makes the home office more fun

trendenser.setrendenser.se / discrete beauty

westelm.comwestelm.com / not chairs, but still rocking

urbanoutfitters.comurbanoutfitters.com / metal rocking chair

miss-design.commiss-design.com  / interior from a spanish house

atelierrueverte.blogspot.fratelierrueverte.blogspot.fr / styling in pastels

loveminimalstyle.tumblr.comloveminimalstyle.tumblr.com / simple design in black & white

glamourparis.comglamourparis.com / colourful classic

thedesignwalker.tumblr.comthedesignwalker.tumblr.com / swing & rock

el-chemist.tumblr.comel-chemist.tumblr.com / modern look

familiarsurroundings.tumblr.comfamiliarsurroundings.tumblr.com / nice corner

fancy.comfancy.com / Oscar Niemeyer Rio rocking chair

Take care / Marie


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