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Have you had enough of Christmas images, maybe…well, it’s such a short time so you have to make the most out of this festive season. It takes a whole year again before this specific feeling which happens at this time of year, recur again. You know that I’m fond of white in combination with wooden floors as well as light furniture. Even better when you add white tablecloths so that the Christmas decorations stands out more clear … without taking over.

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Take care / Marie

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So, finally it’s done – we got our Christmas tree up & running. It’s such a process every time. Although I adore the Christmas period I feel a bit hesitant when it’s time to do something in my own home. Come to think about it, I believe that I’ve difficulties to adjust to the summer-christmas, if you know what I mean. I feel a bit jealous when friends back home describes the icy, cold weather, all snow, traffic hassles in snow storms etc. I’m aware that I possibly romanticise this because of the distance & my longing for home. Or, maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older & with that comes the desire to be close to family & friends. Let’s not delve into that right now, anyway. Our Christmas tree, small & simple, is standing where it should now. That’s a fact 🙂

annatruelsen Space enough for a small tree / annatruelsen

ilovethishome.tumblr.comYou don’t always need a tree / ilovethishome.tumblr.com

goodhomes.netA combination of trees & a tree / goodhomes.net

flickr.comNothing beats the nature / flickr.com

mylovelythings.blogspot.comWinter styling outdoors / mylovelythings.blogspot.com

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villanagorlunda.blogspot.ruChristmas attributes that creates a homely feel / villanagorlunda.blogspot.ru

pinterest.comChristmas eve or morning / pinterest.com

kahlerdesign.comSmall sweet candle holders / kahlerdesign.com

ikea.comUse your creativity / ikea.com

ruralgirl.tumblr.comBlack & white / ruralgirl.tumblr.com

facebook.comThe traditional Christmas tree in Stockholm / facebook.com

rowenandwren.co.ukFake trees works well too / rowenandwren.co.uk

google imagesWhite Christmas / google images

emporio74.blogspot.chTraditional Swedish Christmas / emporio74.blogspot.ch

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Christmas ornaments

A month full of joy. I am childishly fond of this season. From all Christmas decorations where ever I go, to the Christmas music, preparations on our street with all outdoor lights to every tiny little bit that has to do with Christmas. Such as this delicate Christmas ornament. Today is the first Sunday of Advent – take the opportunity to do something nice & Christmassy.



Take care / Marie

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