Daily inspiration, grey

We are right now thinking of removing the office function in one of the rooms at home.We mostly use laptops & sits wherever it fits in time & place. We do not   use the room so much as it is now. So it will probably be a sofa in front of fireplace instead. A grey I think. But my darling are more considering turquoise, bright bright turquoise. So therefore I am in no rush right now 🙂

bonde-on-grey.tumblr.com/ bonde-on-grey.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, grey

  1. Juanita, I received a very stylish gift from a colleague the other day, a scarf with similar colour as the first colour sample, just slightly darker. I would say that, right now, that it is a perfect grey colour.


  2. Juanita in OH says:

    These are beautiful shades of gray. My favorite is the one just above the lightest color in the middle. I received a new sofa and chair yesterday that is a beautiful gray with black wood trim and I just keep smiling at it, LOL. TFS


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