Waste wood or …

They are there, visible, but still, they don’t take up too much space. They’re quite common & widely used in various environments. If you are interested of home furnishing & like to keep up with parts of the development, then you can’t have missed them. What is this all about? What is it I’ve seen so much of in recent times? It’s nothing special really, just these pieces of wood furnitures that looks like driftwood or wood residues.

They can be used in the livingroom or bedroom. On the patio or infront of the fire place. They function everywhere. I’ve seen them in different shapes, either natural, redesigned or painted. I must say that I prefer them in white or black, of course. They could look really great depending on where they are used. It depends on the color & the room / space in which they end up in. But, isn’t that’s the fact with most things. Things in the right place will always come to their advantage, in one way or another.

designinspiration1. Perfect match to the room / designinspiration

maiamcdonald2. Nice with parts the top painted / maiamcdonald

themarchcollective.com3. Perfect side table / themarchcollective.com

hahappenings.blogspot.com4. Clever solution / hahappenings.blogspot.com

favoritesundress.tumblr.com5. Neat with coloured parts / favoritesundress.tumblr.com

fancy.com6. Ergonomic Design / fancy.com

designfiles.com7. Improved with cutout legs / designfiles.com

decocrush.tumblr.com8. Nice addition to the white table / decocrush.tumblr.com

abeautifulmess.com9. Wooden curves & with wheels too / abeautifulmess.com

interiorguiden.com10. Round timber as coffee tables / interiorguiden.com

justthedesign 11. Wood residues transformed into a nightstand / justthedesign.tumblr.com

kimwouters 12. Piece of art / kimwouters

bungalow5.dk13. Pieces that’s easy to move around when needed / bungalow5.dk

frenchconnection.com 14. Perfect, when in the right place / frenchconnection.com

penelopebellavia 15. Works with the colour on the cushion / penelopebellavia via pinterest

Take care / Marie

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