Succulents – sometimes also called fat plants, fascinates me, for some reason. It’s plants that have parts that are a bit thicker, probably to enable water to be stored during dry periods. I like their unusual appearance. Each one looks different & they can survive anything, which is a good thing for someone like me, that hasn’t the talent for required green thumbs! Their green shades, from dark to the brightest green, makes those plants interesting. Especially in combination with white or black pots. But the best thing is that they look nice & are suitable everywhere. Useful in concrete pots, transparent glass, clay pots, or  a mix of all – they have the ability to blend in & harmonize in the environment. I prefer toned-down versions where the plants are to their best advantage. Succulents can be quite colorful but like I said, the simple green variants with their fat leafs, in pots which don’t take too much of the impact. That’s what I like!

polkadotbride.com1. Like small pastries on the tray /

matloboes.tumblr2. Moderate in volume & fine to black

feelinspiredblog.com3. White & green /

weekdaycarnival.blogspot.com4. Stylish still life /

myparadissi.com5. Fiery colours /

driedfruits.tumblr.com6. nice & simple design /

remainsimple.tumblr.com7. Blends in pleasantly /

habituallychic.blogspot.com8. Nice & simple /

susannavento.fi9. Nice styling /

scandinaviandeko 10. White on white / scandinaviandeko

kendall-hubbard11. Fat plants / kendall-hubbard

oldbrandnewblog.com12. Stylish /

daniellawitte 13. Like an old still life / daniellawitte

interiorguiden14. Amongst other plants / interiorguiden

birchandbird.com15. Miniature planting /

Take care / Marie

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