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Still on the lookout for a new sofa but can’t seem to find the right one. It’s hiding somewhere amongst big, clumsy or uncomfortable models in too colourful fabrics. You know how it is, there’s always something wrong just because I already have a picture of it in mind.


Take care / Marie

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Grey again

I guess that it can be a bit boring to have a look at different sofas, yet again in grey. I can’t help it, it’s what I like & prefer. We are looking at new sofas & have been around & seen a lot of nice designs & colours – but we always end up in wanting one in grey. Maybe, maybe it will end up with one in white, we’ll see!



highstreethome via fancy.comhighstreethome via fancy.com


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house&leisure via pinterest.comhouse&leisure via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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