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So liberating with simple white furniture in an otherwise light environment. The light in the room is amplified by the furniture.




Take care / Marie

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Living room

This is a popular image floating around on blogs & Instagram & real estate sites. And why not, it’s an inspiring room with nice details.

fun.lifestyle via Instagram


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Daily inspiration, white environment

A white environment – a typical Scandinavian style of interior design, which is very common. A light environment, generally in white, wood floors, walls of wood & conveniently furnished – functional & appealing.


Take care / Marie

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Scandinavian style

It is summer in Sweden & winter  here in Australia. FB is filled of comments from family & friends who’s enjoying their summer vacation in what seems to be great weather. My son & his girlfriend are there now too. It makes us feel homesick, especially when we’re watching a typical Swedish tv-show that only runs during the summer months. Allsång på Skansen – sing-along at Skansen. It is a little hard to explain but it’s a long tradition that has become a national “festival”. It’s a tv-show with invited guests performing thier current hit, but they must also select a melody from a song booklet, where everyone in the audience sings along in. Including all who watch at home too!

So with homesickness as a background, this will be a post about Scandinavian style. Something that is very popular in Australia – not just home furnishing but also  music, food, film, fashion & so on. It is after all not so strange really, it is a high standard regarding design, quality & function. I think what appeals to the many, is the use of natural materials & the simplicity of design. I have put together images of what I see as typical of this style & what I’ve grown up with. It’s not the playful & colourful style, but more traditional & a little more mature.

remodelista1. White, light, natural material & simplicity / remodelista

fancy.com 2. Wood materials / fancy.com

tumblr.com3. The 1700s still impacts / tumblr.com

skonahem 4. Functional furniture / skonahem.se

google5. A typical Scandinavian icon / google.com

livethemma 6. Straight lines & simple beauty / livethemma.se

79ideas 7. Much use of textiles & wood / 79ideas

scandinaviandeko8. Simple, clean impression / scandinaviandeko

desdemyventana9. The 1700 century in today’s environment / desdemyventana

convoy.tumblr.com10. Modern environment / convoy.tumblr.com

viltradesignstudio via trendenser11. The famous Dala horse / vitradesignstudio via trendenser

annatruelsen 12. Wood, white & light / annatruelsen

keltainen 13. Birch & white / keltainen

keltainen 14. Swedish icon – Dala horse/ keltainen

pjattrofurnar.is15. white, sheepskin & clogs / pjattrofurnar.is

Take care / Marie

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