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Daily inspiration, practice

This is so true & takes a lot of time but one comes a long way with a lot of effort & big hassle. It’s a constant journey, just simply because we assume too much & allow ourselves to feel too little. By assuming that others have positive intention, we avoid getting into a situation where we have to prove otherwise. It becomes up to other party to live up to the positive expectation instead. But that being said, it requires continuous practice.


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Take care / Marie

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THANK YOU all 110.000 individuals,

A BIG THANK YOU, to all supporters who have been with me since the beginning, to you who have come on board during the journey & to you who arrived recently. Many thanks for every lovely comment, your encouragement & for that you find inspiration that links us together in common interests. We are now 110,000 individuals on an ordinary woman.

(I am fond of old sayings. They have survived the passage of time. They tell of something that were once whilst they often fit into what is now, too).

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Take care / Marie

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