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Narrow and wide stripes

Beige with black, white and gray – combined with narrow and wide stripes, I can never get enough of that, can never tire. That’s just how it is.



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Striped stripes

I often return to stripes for some reason. It is so simple & appealing in both decor & clothing. At least for me. I use the word clothes instead of fashion since I’m not particularly fashion conscious, or rather fashion-oriented. I care about it so that I am aware of trends but I don’t care personally.

It’s very nice to mix narrow stripes & wide together & equally fine with large patterns mixed with stripes. You get great expressions & it gives more life into the environment. A bit like in the third picture with graphic textiles with black circles together with the striped carpet. It helps, of course, when the base is black & white, as it calms down the expression. But by all means, it works great with additional colors too, of course.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, stripes

Stripes are something that never go out of style. It’s the simplicity, I guess. Narrow stripes combined with broad stripes looks great together. Also stripes combined with floral pattern … without it becoming too cute. These are nice in different colour combinations.

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Take care / Marie

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