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I’m afraid that you might feel that it has been too much Christmas inspiration lately.¬†It’s just that it’s such a short period of time & the feeling during this month is so important to nurture. So here’s a cute Christmas styling¬†with cold, winter & snow.


Take care / Marie

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It takes two

Yesterday, I arrived home late after a long day at work, around half past ten p.m & I¬†was¬†too tired for anything other than something simple to eat & then just¬†fall into bed.¬†Now it was not quite as¬†I¬†had¬†imagened.¬†There were boxes everywhere, Christmas music sounded¬†& the Christmas tree was half¬†assembled¬†&¬†looked¬†more¬†like¬†a¬†straw¬†man.¬†My youngest walked around with his guitar & sang something totally different than the christmas music that was on &¬†my oldest son was practicing a new song that he had written.¬†For a second, I felt an urge to turn around & book a room somewhere, to avoid the misery.¬†I can these three gentlemen & I know how this usually ends.¬†AND so it became, too…again.

The Christmas tree that was half assembled, had already been decorated with eight hundred Christmas baubles.¬†Well, to make a loooong story short – all the empty boxes disappeared back to the attic, rubbish out in the bin, Christmas light & other decorations in place & a beautiful tree with a gold star at the top. AND we got a quiet & nice moment – even if it was in the middle of the night ¬†– with a hot cup of tea, sandwiches, lit candles & nice, peaceful¬†Christmas music in the background.¬†The funny thing is that we always end up in this chaos – it has become a tradition.¬†All because someone can not learn to plan for this occasion. Or learn from previous years.¬†It’s fortunate that love is strong & can survive almost anything.

Two of each / bellemaison via tumblr

Space for two / planetdeco

Two nicely made beds / inspiringinteriors

Study for two – & a cat / automatism

Space at the height / hus&hem

Times two / philippestarck

Head end of towards head end / artpixie via tumblr

Two wild cuties / fabricedfoxes via tumbr

Black side tables / thegiftsoflife

Under the umbrella / karinvriese via Pinterest

Dark grey & white  / 79ideas

Walking in the rain / storychica via fancy

Two classic chairs / etherealgold via tumblr

Timeless design / Immagini1959

Same but different / theblackworkshop

Take care / Marie

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