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Christmas sweets

All sorts of desserts, snack & goodies are probably prepared & ready to serve for Christmas. No matter whether it’s bought or self made – although I prefer homemade. I had a mother who were very good at cooking, baking & in general an all-rounder in the kitchen. I inherited NOT the smallest portion of this ability. Maybe unfair, perhaps but it is what it is. But enjoying delicacies is not bad either. Desserts of all kinds are preferred, but generally, sweets is something of a must on the Christmas table. I thought this theme would be suitable a day like this – enjoy! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU,

pinteres.comOdds & ends, must be in sufficient quantity for refills / pinteres.com

pinterest.comAbsolutely / Google.com

vanessahernandezphotography.blogspot.de:chocolate dipped pears with pistachiosChocolate dipped pears with pistachios / vanessahernandezphotography.blogspot.de

tumblr.com Perfect fit / tumblr.com

thelifestyleeditiorAmple & warming, always nice in the cold / thelifestyleeditior

annatruelsen After the Christmas dinner / annatruelsen

nordicleaves.tumblr.com Delicate shades of brown / nordicleaves.tumblr.com

soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberries ..Soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting & sugared cranberries / pinterest.com

flickr.com gingerbread cranberry bundtGingerbread cranberry bundt / flickr.com

westelm.comStylish goodies / westelm.com

calmcaos.tumblr.com caramelized-appelsCaramelized-apples / calmcaos.tumblr.com

fromscandinaviawithlove.comReady for Christmas baking / fromscandinaviawithlove.com

halfbakedharvest.comDelicious & finely with double paper / halfbakedharvest.com

pastryaffair.comTradition / pastryaffair.com

inspired-design.tumblr.comFestive table setting / inspired-design.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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