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Sandwich makes for perfect lunch, sometimes. And as a vegetarian, this one has all the tasty veggies I need & like – roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, and rocket salad. Plus the semi-soft white Italian cheese made from mozzarella & cream – burrata.

Lots & lots of veggies for a healthy lunch…


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Peach and burrata salad

Fresh peach and burrata salad (a semisoft white Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream). Aesthetically laid out on the plate in natural beautiful colours and a healthy choice for lunch.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sandwich

I love sandwiches, in almost all forms. When they are a little more filling, they work great as a nice lunch. Especially if they are as healthy as possible, which means no white bread, at least.  How about grilled Caprese toast with burrata & grilled avocados – does not that sound nice?


Take care / Marie

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