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Coat hanger

Would you – a cloth hanger – as a functional detaill on your handbag. I like!



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All black

Everything black, all of it nice, and with the most popular handbag that’s been posted on all blogs for a while now…



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Are you like me, a lover of large handbags, or rather, pouch-like bags. Sometimes a little too spacious, too big but still – very practical & appealing. Preferably in simple design without too much frills. Hmm, I thought so 😉 



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, small purse

I have been in search of a small purse. Maybe not looking actively but more thought of the idea. I always carry big bags – so big that you can’t really call them handbags. I prefer to have my hands free so I carry the bag diagonally across the shoulder. A habit that is hard to break. I think this one would work & looks good too.


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