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The clothes stand – definitely one of the practical “tools” in the bedroom & a way of decorating with clothes to fit into the interior whiteout having to hide them. And make it more personal & interesting.

Credit: nicest-interiors.tumblr


Beautiful building in brick, the kind of house that we may often pass without noting the beauty.

Credit: woodwardthrowbacks

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The white floor & bright interior with subtle shades of pink & green – such simplicity in a neat way.

Credit: Stadshem

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All these things we fill our cupboards (homes) with – old, inherited, bargains, purchased or gifts – stuff that creates a personal home to live in.

Credit: johannabradford / Instagram

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A generously stable table with beautiful carved legs creates a desire. With chairs in classic design, it is easy to see that this is a place you love to gather around.

Credit: Pinterest

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