First small signs

All seasons have their advantages & something that you long for. However, I believe that Christmas is by far the best time of the year. I’m not thinking of the commercial part of Christmas.¬†It’s more the feeling around that period.¬†People gets stressed, yes. But the friendly, kind, caring & generous part that most of us let ourselves be warmed by. The one that can be seen & experienced through all the lovely Christmas movies or rub off on us through the sparkling Christmas music. Or just through gatherings with near & dear ones.

I have no religious rituals or traditions but I sense something that’s greater than us humans. I always do, it just gets stronger around Christmas. So make the most of the first small signs, that Christmas is on the way.

ruki-duki.blogspot.comSimple Christmas chandelier /

house-455.tumblr.comBlack board with stars /

dustjacketattic.blogspot.comA red narrow ribbon / copyChocolate, especially to Christmas / copy

pinterest.comTransparent glass bottles /, simple & appealing / Zink candle holders /

pinterest.comSpruce twigs & christmas ribbons /

ruralgirl.tumblr.comLovely wrapping paper / simple chandelier /

inspirationsdesign.blogg.seStill life /

fancy.comDressed up /

skonahem.seInstead of muffins /

googlet.comSo cute /

fancy.comChristmas weather, for some /

Take care / Marie

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