First small signs

All seasons have their advantages & something that you long for. However, I believe that Christmas is by far the best time of the year. I’m not thinking of the commercial part of Christmas. It’s more the feeling around that period. People gets stressed, yes. But the friendly, kind, caring & generous part that most of us let ourselves be warmed by. The one that can be seen & experienced through all the lovely Christmas movies or rub off on us through the sparkling Christmas music. Or just through gatherings with near & dear ones.

I have no religious rituals or traditions but I sense something that’s greater than us humans. I always do, it just gets stronger around Christmas. So make the most of the first small signs, that Christmas is on the way.

ruki-duki.blogspot.comSimple Christmas chandelier /

house-455.tumblr.comBlack board with stars /

dustjacketattic.blogspot.comA red narrow ribbon / copyChocolate, especially to Christmas / copy

pinterest.comTransparent glass bottles /, simple & appealing / Zink candle holders /

pinterest.comSpruce twigs & christmas ribbons /

ruralgirl.tumblr.comLovely wrapping paper / simple chandelier /

inspirationsdesign.blogg.seStill life /

fancy.comDressed up /

skonahem.seInstead of muffins /

googlet.comSo cute /

fancy.comChristmas weather, for some /

Take care / Marie

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