We’ve usually had wood floors in our homes over the years. Always in light wood too. The last house we lived in, we painted the floors white. Gloss lacquered white floors throughout the upper level. Really nice but oh so hard to keep clean, especially with a black labrador. Black lacquered floors are also extremely appealing. But I must say that I probably prefer hardwood flooring if there is to be painted surfaces. It’s important that the wood slats are visible through, to avoid a flat & bland expression. Painted & lacquered concrete is not to bad either for that matter. The limit for me, is probably black or white. Although I think it is neat with green, yellow or red floor, I find it hard to see that I could cope with the colors in the long run. Here are some variations of flooring solutions – with not overly strong colour choices.

bhg.comBlack floor to country style kitchen / bhg.com

thepoetryofmaterialthings.tumblr.comIndustrial contemporary beauty / thepoetryofmaterialthings.tumblr.com

elleinteriorGreen all year around / elleinterior.se

countrystyle Wallpaper styling to a dark floor / countrystyle.com

tumblr.comBlack & white can never go wrong / tumblr.com

google.comGreen & white / google.com

simplylovelystuff Blue & white / simplylovelystuff

featherstonemoonanddiverybone.tumblr.comNice colour choice to the white kitchen / featherstonemoonanddiverybone.tumblr.com

feelinspiredBlack is unusual in kids room, nice / feelinspired

pinterest.comBlack coated floor / pinterest.com

casaabril.com.brBright & energising / casaabril.com.br

archilovers.comDark walls to the dark floor / archilovers.com

amerrymishapWhite & fresh / amerrymishap

apartmenttherapy.comBright yellow / apartmenttherapy.com

stadshem Cool contrast to the white kitchen / stadshem

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Flooring

  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful flooring designs and ideas!


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