There is no major difference between men & women if we exclude the physical. We are relatively similar, which of course has been the great art of understanding since the dawn of time. What my guys thinks is neat, is according to my taste preferense too. Now I realize of course that we have affected each other because we live together. They have been brought up in an environment that I believe will accompany the throughout life. One tends to hold on to what’s one is used to from childhood, usually. Anyway, I’ve put together images that I think would fit well for guys, in any age. It’s typically my style so you won’t see nothing outside the ordinary. On the other hand, I’m just an ordinary woman 🙂

stylizimo1. Neutral colours / stylizimo

inside-homes.tumblr.com2. Oak combined with muffled, muted tones /

mansguilt3. Classic, timeless style / mansguilt

insidehomes.tumblr4. Pinstriped wallpaper /  insidehomes.tumblr

alexanderwuitefastighetsmakleri5. Scandinavian, with a touch of leather / alexanderwitefastighetsmakleri

menstyle1.com6. Casual style /

justthedesign.tumblr.com7. Comfortable bedding /

skonahem.se8. Perfect for “precious” treasures /

dusty9. Contemporary, strict & appealing / dusty

dieproper.tumblr.com10. A place for recreation /

causetyoaffect.tumblr.com11. Simplicity /

stadshem12. Beautiful color scales / stadshem

WorldMags13. Organised wall decor  / WorldMags

dustjacketattic14. Bright & pleasing to the eye / dustjacketattic

theclassyissue.com15. Shades of grey with mixed tweed /

Take care / Marie

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