White & grey / 208

I find white & grey combined, isn’t just nice & neutral but also relaxing & very refreshing. Well, maybe refreshing isn’t really the way to describe it. Harmonius is better. It’s colours that works well together as well as individually. Someone may say that it’s very predictable, even boring perhaps. No no, that is not the case at all. However, it is difficult to discuss the taste because it is such a personal experience. What appeals to me is the different shades, which when combined in a good way, expresses so much with simple means. It can be expressed as pleasant, nice, stylish, masculine, industrial or whatever you might appreciate. That’s certainly something you can acheive with most things…but still! Grey is simply a good base color which is easy to work in conjunction with most other colours.

But, I don’t have in mind to go in that direction today. No, there will be the usual, if I may decide, namely a bit more to the strict, austere, quiet & peaceful … as I see it, in any case. Enjoy 🙂

Simple, proper & nice / Lightlocations

It’s simply beautiful with these colour shades / 79ideas

Almost too nice to be used as a dish rack / Frokenknopp

Irresistible / Kulunkadecoblog

Symmetric aesthetics / Bungalow5

Consistently in grey & white / Planetdeco

/ vtWonen

White foundation & grey furniture / Bungalow5

Certainly irrevocable yet beautiful /Etherealgold

A bit darker grey on the wall with chairs & details in lighter shade / Boffi

Nice when the whole home is in the same shades / Fantasticfrank

Stone & concrete in various greys / Fatal-e.tumblr

Quilt on the quilt, on the quilt on the / Designmilk.com

A silver grey timeless beauty – Porsche 356 / http://www.nachbar.de

Nice styling with the white tile as background / Trendenser.se

 Take care / Marie

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One thought on “White & grey / 208

  1. Benji says:

    All very relaxing photos. I particularly like the ones with a splash of color. The fall leaves, red R and the wood tones all just the amount of pop to the spaces


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