Heart-shape / 165

Hej dear friends,

Hearts, they are always beautiful in my eyes, you know the hearts that symbolize so much but look so simple. I like them in most colors, but preferably in red, actually. We got a nice present a while ago, a puzzle in a heart-shape, which was a postcard with a greeting written on the back. We had to piece together all small parts before we could read the text … fun idea & a very sweet gift. I often return to the simple form and use the heart as a symbol when I sign messages, out of habit. There’s something in the shape that makes me happy, a childlike feeling perhaps, yet so warming & pleasant. So dear friends, here’s a heart-filled post today from me to you.

BIG thanks to all of you that so often gets in touch with greetings, comments & encouraging words. In addition, to be as friendly when we’ve never met each other. That’s really cool – indeed heartwarming:)

A memory heart with post cards & photos / Alvhemmakleri

Heart-berry, to sweet to eat / weheartit

Dancing in the hearts, right? / Pinterest.com

Nice idea to cut heart shaped maps / dahlarna

Cookies – in white…again to sweet to eat / Kiandra via Tumblr

Look through heart shaped eye glasses – in red / Zoielove via Tumblr

Might be difficult to do heart pancakes but very sweet / Thefancy

Cute with red yarn wrapped around / KatlinU via Pinterest

Imagine waking to a coffee like this every morning – that’s a good start / KateMJ

Art with a heart / Google.com

Simply adorable / Potterybarnes

Very cute in leather with white stitches around / Luxefinds

Welcoming / Google.com

I’d like to have this one / Weheartit

Nice personal touch / Pinterest

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Heart-shape / 165

  1. Pascale says:

    Oh lovely ideas!! Keep your strength and thank you to share your handsome post


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