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Hej friends,

Lightblue, a color I think of as rather unusual, these days. Not on kids maybe but generally on adults, in fashion, buildings or whatever. Some colours seems to just disappear for a long time. It’s like they’re not relevant anymore, for some reasons. It’s the same thing with, you know, actors, cities, music, food. I guess it has to do with what trendsetters, ad’s agencies, magazines etc. communicates. We are what we are presented, one might almost say. Too much around us are influenced by  others.

Don’t know what you think about light blue, but I liked what I saw, anyway.

A truly magnificent piece of work / Lambert

Light, fresh, white & baby blue / Room269

Fun bracelets with measurements / Home & garden

Light blue floral wallpaper /  Interiordrops

A bit more muted wall colour, highlighting the bedclothes / Atelierrueverte

Fresh combination / Skonahem

Sweet for sure / Casadecorada

Different blue shades / Decor8blog

Sweet old style furniture, nice with two mirrors in blue & white / Vintage via Tumbler

A beautiful sight somewhere in France / wearetheones

Light, bright & very appealing – in a white environment / Skonahem

Adorable colour / Housetohome

Patterns in various large & small squares / Lexington

Light blue fits with almost everything / Skonahem

 Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Lightblue / 162

  1. Love your article, beautiful ideas and so peaceful


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