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Design skills

It’s pure joy to experience fine workmanship, nice thought out details & professional pride. I admire people who devote time & effort into something they believe in. There’s a lot of copies of everything – nothing wrong with that – but thoughtful, genuine designed products with form & materials that lasts for generations – that’s dedication! I am fascinated by design that can be seen daily without losing its expression, shape or look out of date as in old. Many design icons have the timeless feel – they were born once, entirely right in its time, but continues to keep the same experience, regardless of generations.

homelimag.tumblr.comNeat under-frame / homelimag.tumblr.com

designmylife.comElegant shape / designmylife.com

thedesignwalker.tumblr.comNo compromises / thedesignwalker.tumblr.com

designedlogic.usWood & half transparent / designedlogic.us

jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.comPure joy / jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.com

mxcuisine.tumblr.com:Simplicity / mxcuisine.tumblr.com

takeovertime.tumblr.comIngeniously simple / takeovertime.tumblr.com

monawatches.tumblr.comAcquisitiveness / monawatches.tumblr.com

madstation.tumblr.comPerfected / madstation.tumblr.com

lifelessordinary0.tumblr.comClever / lifelessordinary0.tumblr.com

designbinge.tumblr.comPerfection / designbinge.tumblr.com/

jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.comFunctional / jamesrobertsonirvine.tumblr.com

Fancy.itStylish / fancy.it

nordicdays.blogspot.nlTimeless / nordicdays.blogspot.nl

takeovertime.tumblr.comBeauty / takeovertime.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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